Everyone wishes they could change the past.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

You turned to me,

No question/answer today.

I have a problem. I'm losing time.

No, that's not right. I lost time. Just once, that I can recall -- but that's not right, since I can't recall it. Sorry, I'm not being organised. Let's try this again.

I have found a temporary living accommodation (which lasts until the 3rd -- it's half-term, apparently, so this family has gone abroad with their kids. All the better for me), and I fell asleep on their bed (first time I've done that in a while) at about nine o'clock. I woke up in the morning, and found a word scrawled on my hand in ink: "UNKNOWN - SAME".

I'm going to presume that 'same' means it's the same Unknown that I've met previously... but at the same time, when did I meet it? I fell asleep at nine o'clock in the afternoon, and woke up at seven.

Then, after I opened this and looked through some old posts, I realised something. The envelopes; please refer yourself to Quiet Cacophony if you aren't familiar with the little tale of them. There's just one problem -- I can't recall ever writing them. I know I did, because I've got them right here in front of me. They're in my handwriting, and I remember talking about them with Concordia.

It seems that 'Unknown' is goading me. Either I am experiencing rather precise amnesia, or 'Unknown' can meddle with my memories. This is very, very bad. But, in light of this, I shall dub this unrecognisable and unrecallable enemy "Memoria".

In future, I am going to keep an hourly journal, instead of notebooks as I did before. This will make it harder for Memoria to fabricate memories.

Sorry for not being very informative here. I still have Dan's story to tell, and then some personal musings of my own. I'll see you around... I need to find out what happened last night. But I can not know. I must simply wait and observe. Reactive, not proactive.

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