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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The darkness of eternity

Why aim? Missing even once is disastrous.

Herein, I shall examine certain aspects pertaining to the Supremacy; perhaps this should be alternatively titled 'why I am a misotheist'. Do note that I will not pretend to be an expert in these matters, and these are the proposals of an uneducated thinker.

Some people would look down upon others for the use of resource material in these matters. I respectfully disagree! Someone else has beat me to the phrasing of these things, so I may as well use them. You may found my references at the bottom of this guide. I've referred to specific posts for most of them, but have left general links for shorter references.

For the purposes of the following line of thinking, let us presume that the concept of the Supremacy being the afterlife [3] is correct, or at least that the Supremacy is a being which can 'control' the afterlife [4]. What does this mean? There are as many afterlifes as there are religions to mix them with. I shall take the small liberty of presuming it to be akin to the Jud├Žo-Christian afterlife; a divine ruler, with whom you are with forever.

However, this thing is unlike the commonly held perception -- that God is good, and wise. No, the Supremacy is a spiteful, childish, petulant, boastful, arrogant, pretentious, idiotic, sadomasochistic, petty, unjust, morally bankrupt, vindictive, monomaniacal, malevolent bully. There are few other words for it: if the Supremacy is a deity, it is an evil deity. If it truly is the afterlife, it is a repulsive one; like the Abrahamic Heaven, you are forever with God; but God is evil, and God is cruel. This seems almost like Hell; an evil overlord of the afterlife. And it is this very point that irritates me.

If we presume that the Supremacy and the tales of it are true, we are left at a curious point. I would like to point the readers to the concept of the Tulpa theory [1], as written by Ash of Golom Tulpa Anima. As he (or she?) puts it:
A tulpa is, simply put, something made physical and real in our plane of existence through “thoughtforms”, or the willpower of the mind. It is a manifestation of a cerebral concept through focused attention and visualization.
This is perfectly apt for the purposes that I will go onto record; I will also refer to the blog Defining? [2], which is serve as the backbone for my line of thinking. The writer, A, proposes that the Operator Symbol is a memetic weapon, designed to prompt and promote thinking of the Slender Man -- and not just that, that the Slender Man is purposefully capitalising on this. I think this view to be too narrow. But, I digress.

The purpose of this post was to analyse the Supremacy and how such a being could exist. I propose that it is "a Tulpa"; a being of our thoughts. It is our collective thoughts of what comes after death. We say (tatemae) we believe in a good afterlife and that we will go there, but in our hearts (honne), we fear Hell and eternal damnation. I believe that if the Supremacy is a thoughtform, it is a bastardised mixture; it is Heaven commanded by Hell.

And for this blame, I lay the fault directly at theistic religion. It promotes obedience by fear of Hell ("God hates fags", anyone?), which only serves to spread the fear of Hell over the bliss of Heaven. The widespread religious viewpoint is what strengthens the Supremacy; the religious meme gives it power.

But it is idiotic to focus on the most prevalent Western religions. Perhaps we should look to Hinduism for an alternate theory on this being. More specifically, their view of the afterlife: samsara, the cycle of reaction, birth, death and rebirth.
As a person puts on new clothes and discards old and torn clothes,
similarly an embodied soul enters new material bodies, leaving the old bodies.(B.G. 2:22)
Reincarnation through samsara is often thought to give the atman (soul) ephemeral pleasure; it forms a psuedo-addiction to the concept of living in a mortal body, which dies and is reborn. However, all atmans eventually wish to become one with the supreme deity; in our little thought-construction, this supreme being is the Supremacy. The becoming-as-one is called moksha, nirvana or samadhi. Some believers think that achieving this means that one's thoughts, desires and self cease to hold individuality, and align with that of the supreme being.

In my context, this is truly disturbing. It means that you transcend your own humanity and become one with that terrible, terrible monster. Furthermore, if the Supremacy is the commander of samsara, it means that it is driving souls through the cycle to bring out qualities in them; does he allow substandard souls to undergo moksha in order to eliminate them from the cycle, thus insuring that the living people in the world are those who it deems worthy? Or is it simply absorbing the strongest, and forcing the weak to become stronger still?

The Supremacy, with complete control over death and rebirth, is truly a frightening being. Perhaps the manifestations of the deceased are simply the bodies of the souls who have become one with him? The beings themselves do not exist, for they are the Supremacy, and the Supremacy is them.

I am unsure which, if either, is a more terrifying concept. To be trapped with the Supremacy forever-more, or to be caught in a cycle designed to re-adjust your thinking to one of equality with the Supremacy. Perhaps it is a mix of both; the concept of it memetically selecting it's strengths is a frightening one, given the many religions the world over.

But that is simply the thought process of presuming the Supremacy to be the afterlife. I can only hope with all my heart that it is not.
[1] Golom Tulpa Anima
[2] Defining?
[3] Eccentrically Bored
[4] The Archive

I hope this to be an insight as to the nature of the Supremacy. Think you that I have left some point undisclosed? Please, inform me of them in the comments. I shall be more then happy to elucidate my thoughts and feelings on the matters given.

However, I will now say that I think I should return. I think that I should go back to my childhood home, and see what has become of it.
-Achromatic Morality-


  1. I know how to escape the Archangel. Die by the hand of another Entity, and your soul shall cease to be. Only then can you truly be beyond its grasp.


  2. And how do you know this, Steward? Did "Master" tell you? How do you know that he speaks the truth?

    How would you test such a thing? The Supremacy could simply create the illusion of it's functionality, before pulling back the curtain to reveal the truth -- there is no hope in the universe for you, or for me.