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Friday, 10 June 2011

Why are you running?" I laughed,

Why maintain a lofty dedication to solitude? Bearing that burden alone means that others do not have to.

There are lessons to be learnt in everything you do. Every action you take has consequences awaiting at it's conclusion; how far-off that conclusion is depends on the action. Racing into the future without thought for consequence is the definition of 'living for the present', and it is an abominable way to live. So, you live and learn from your experiences.

The first thing to gather from my experience with Dan/D? Do not become attached to people. Walking a lonely road may seem a daunting task, but it is less painful then walking through a crowded street, as the people around you fade into the abyss. And after you begin to spend time alone, it becomes natural; you desire the loneliness, which means that you feel no compulsion to drag others into your abyss.

As an extension of the first, the second is to never trust organisations. They are unstable and ineffectual; or they are efficiently corrupt. Take, for example, Noctis Custodes, or 'The Noctis' -- they fall into efficient corruption, from what I have seen. While I realise that this name may not be familiar to my readers (and I can find no appearances of it online... does anyone know of any?), they are apparently a saintly organisation. They defend children from Steward's "Master", or so they claim. I am not an expert in Latin, but 'Keepers of the Night'? How melodramatic.

I cannot claim to be absolutely familiar with them, given that I can only rely on notes Dan gave me for information. However, he once told me that he had met them -- he did not trust them. He also stated that some people in his support network (...more on this network later) thought that they may have had malicious means of conducting their task. Perhaps the most notable was one who, after informing Dan that he was going to meet with the Noctis, never returned. I have encountered people who I believe were agents of the Noctis while on the move; I have no proof of these allegations, but all the same.

I am a sceptic at heart; I cannot trust all that I hear. Frankly, given Dan's notes on the Noctis, I would not trust them with a chair, let alone a child. Yet, if they do have detestable means... they are on the side of 'us'. Against the Aspects -- does it not? No; they are against 'us', just as 'we' are against Aspects. Even if their aims are the same as 'our' side, their means separate 'us' and them. Of course, it is possible that the case of the missing informant may have been unrelated (accidents happen) or, if it was perpetrated by the Noctis Custodes as Dan theorised, may have been due to renegade cells within it. It is difficult to know, but nevertheless... I also theorise that they may be a cult in relation to the Supremacy, but once again: no proof.

Perhaps you are confused as to why I keep labelling 'us'. Truth be told, there are only two sides in this: the side I am on, and the side I am not. Therefore, 'we' is a group that can change at any time. Got it?

Sorry, I've strayed from the point (and I note that I have not provided you all with the courtesy of explaining all of the terms I have used... another time!). The point is that such organisations cannot be trusted; the temptation to commit minor evils to work against the greater evil leaves evil in the world.

If you were confronted with an evil which could not be overcome by justice, it is better to perish fighting it with justice then to give into evil to overcome that evil. Falling into darkness to extinguish the darkness only destroys the moral of those around you -- it is always better to shoulder burden alone, and rise up. Up, up, up...

Another important lesson to keep in mind: do not trust everything you read. People are deluded; people are annoying; people are stupid. There are no doubt many cases of human beings driven to madness by "Master"; I will not waste our collective time by telling you the obvious. And yet there are many cases of patently false stories, told by imbecilic children. What disgrace! What dishonour! They spit in the face of the survivors and laugh, dismissing them, too, as stories. Such stupid hypocrisy.

As there are such idiots in the world today ("Hey, guys, check out my Slenderblog!"), you cannot believe all you read. Look at them and judge: is this false? Is this real? If so, how much is real and how much is the influence of Aspects? What does it mean?

The unerring compulsion to judge should be your weapon. Brains are our strongest weapon, and what divides us from animals, if anything does. So use them!

... I had intended to write a longer post, although the boy who served me my coffee just came up to me and asked if I could leave shortly, as they close at ten. I admit I've been here some time, so I'll go. I shall speak more, if anyone desires it -- just leave a comment.

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