Everyone wishes they could change the past.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Alone, trapped on this lonely trail?

Why evolve? To be made strong.

It must be a habit of the months; I meet with others for passing moments, only to sever the bond if I fear them becoming close. For uniting with others is little but a weakness; the presence of other people soothes your pain, but bringing them close invites only greater pain.

Given that I have already encountered D, it may be wise to simply tell you all of Dan now, so that I may discuss finer things. Most especially, the Tulpa Theory and how it pertains to the Supremacy.

But my tale comes first. I have already said that I had many issues accumulating funding and food in order to survive; indeed, I frequently found myself going to sleep hungry, dirty and tired -- the tiredness simply because I had to sleep late and awake early. At one point, I simply decided to forsake my inhibitions and broke into somebody's house in order to sleep; I did so quietly, thinking they were not home.

Late that night, I awoke with a start; I had hidden myself in a closet (presumably used to store towels, considering what I was sitting on); it was incredibly claustrophobic in there, but warm. I heard noises outside. I stood (almost glancing my head on a shelf as I did so), and peeked out a small grille that was in the door; I dared not make a sound. My possessions, incidentally, were in a corner of that same closet.

In any case, I looked out. I could see very little, but I soon noticed a shifting figure. I struggled to make it out, but my eyes soon acclimatised; a slim, black-haired person. I had no clue as to sex from behind; I'll use 'he' for the purposes of convenience. He seemed to pace the room I was looking out into (a bedroom); I occasionally heard splashing of some sort. Nevertheless, I stayed, still and quiet. Looking out, I noticed a second figure -- I had not seen it enter, and it seemed that the figure hadn't, either. But they soon would, for the second figure suddenly leaped towards the first. The two went over, in front of the door and beyond my small window of viewing.

I remained, listening, for another half-hour. I do not recall the sounds I heard (I do fancy that I may have nodded off; that closet was wonderfully warm.), but I snapped to attention when I heard this: "hey, you. I know you're in there."

It was the second figure I had seen earlier; the lights had been turned on in the room, and the curtains drawn. Knowing that I had been caught anyway, I opened the door and took a step outside; suddenly, I found myself pinned to the wall, with that man holding me, a knife in one hand and a pen-light in the other. He forced one of my eyes open, and jabbed at it with the pen-light. My pupil obediently followed.

"Who are you working for?" He spluttered, dropping the pen-light.

"Nobody!" I exclaimed, trying to pull away from him.

That night, I managed to tell him my story; what little of it there was to tell. He took some convincing, but eventually backed off, apologising. He said that it was better to be safe than sorry, and said that the house I had broken into was his. Oops. He went onto say that he sympathised with me, though -- I'm curious as to why, given that not so much had happened to me then. Perhaps I have simply forgotten it...

It is worth saying that I was a captive in that bedroom. The door had been barred, the curtains drawn -- he could have killed me in there, and nobody would be any the wiser.

Nevertheless, he later introduced himself as Daniel -- "but call me Dan". I introduced myself, also. And it was only then that I looked over my shoulder. The wall which had the closet in it; the first figure had been pacing in front of. On it, there was paint -- black paint. Words were written; they were the first words I ever wrote in one of my notebooks. I wrote it in the book as it was on the wall, and this is the past I can represent it in text-form.

we reign supreme

we are your future

we are your past

hello, dan

embrace the archangel

I shall conclude this here. It has been peaceful lately; thus, I am constantly on-guard. We shall see what is to come when it does so. It is late; I must sleep. Goodnight.

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  1. You are Nobody? Are you then like Odysseus, forever trying to find your way back to Ithica, only to have it barred by vengeful gods and evil witches? Have you been between Scylla and Charybdis?

    I'm sorry for such a rambling comment, but I just discovered your journal and find it fascinating.