Everyone wishes they could change the past.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Report Log [417]

oh god
I have sinned. I must be punished.

This place is warped and ti it twisted and I can't see the wood for the trees. II ma wronged and must be punished.

I walked into the mirrored room from [416] and I fell. I tumbled, as if falling through water -- slowly but surely. And then, I was frozen and awake. I was back in the house, and was facing D again. I had my gun pointed at him; it went as before. He fell, for I killed him.

Then it skipped, and shuddered. The scene changed. I had my gun pointed at a complete stranger nohe was not a stange. He was my father. He wsa glad to see me he smiled; he knew me, he saw what his dauhgter and become and he just wauted ti hl. And my mther was there too and she feeel the saem way oh god. I did exactyl the same as I had done before; I raised my gun. Bang, bang. Out like a light. The male/female voice in the house was just my mother and father talking and I slaughtered them. Like the monster I am.

But then, the scene changed again. I was standing behind my father now; I looked at a psyychipath holding a gun and pointing at my husaand. My mother. I was myother. And the masked murderer parading in the form of my daughter raised a gun, and shot my husband, then myself. And stood there nad laughed as my life bled aay from me.

Then I was in Cardiff. I felt true hunger; I had not eaten in days. I saw a light in a soon-to-be demolsiehd buidjgn and awalkd ver and some crazy chick took one step out and hit me until I was arely cuincous and fed me pills. My body paniced; I flellt lief siwap away once more.

Then I landed on my feet. I was back in the labyrinth; clothed in only my coat and my mask. I looked around; I saw the knight and he saw me. He told me that I had sinned and must be punished; his sword turned into a gun and bangbangbangbangbangbangbangbangbanfbangbadbangbangbanhbang. My body fell apart and collapsed there but I was stilll alive. I looked into the sky in despiar (to the faecleass moon) and saw someone looking down at me. Myself. No mask. The rwal me. The true form.

"Open the door," she said. "You will find me beyond." And as esh said that, her face fell apart; I saw a colossal eagle spread it's wings aloft on me; my skul shattered and y face full apart as I her ody fell apart and became a squabbling nest of monsters with wings. And then I looked down and I saw myself on the floor and I realised that I had been the birdgirlme all along and I looked down and saw my ribcage as a host for glocks fof brids.

And then I was here. I was typing this. Did I see the truth, there? Memoria has manipulated me. I am little more then a maddened beast, pretending at the crown of nobility. My death would be a relief.
-A. Morality-

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