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Sunday, 12 June 2011

And replied, "I am escaping

What is after death? Suffering.

In my last post, I said that I use some terms others may find confusing. I shall clarify them herein, so that I do not risk confusing you all in the incoming post.

I will refer you to the Quiet Cacophony blog once more, which records some of the names I will mention below. For the purposes of viewing convenience, I will mark the begins of each entry clearly.

Aspects -- A reference to the supernatural beings which surround us. Where noted, I consider the below terms to be 'Aspects'. Why 'Aspects'? I shall explain momentarily.
"Master" -- Equivalent to "the Slender Man". Mocking usage of the term Steward, of Hidden in the Trees, uses to describe the same being.
The Pupil -- A being subjected to the Teacher. It is unknown how and what their relationship is, but see the below entry on the Teacher for that. Unstable; if there is one near you, expect another to be nearby. I have observed them in groups of up to four. If you try something against them, don't expect it to work twice.
The Shifters -- Unnatural shadows. They likely have the ability to distort sound; my observations are sketchy. I have seen them move, but they can also stay in one place.
The Slender Man -- Don't be dense, you know this.
The Teacher -- Incorporeal being. The only existence seen is in connection with the Pupil; my current suspicion is that the Teacher is a communication network which allows the Pupils to communicate with one another.
The Whisperer -- A feral, bestial creature; almost man-like in it's structure, but it is not. It is not a dog, either; it seems like some bizarre intermediate of man and canine. An evolutionary ancestor of both, you could say; it shows characteristics of both. Savage, monstrous and hideously strong.

There may well be other Aspects, but I have seen no proof of them and only second-hand accounts. You cannot trust everything you read.

But I have left the last until now, so that I may describe it. The Supremacy, also known as "the Archangel". The most prevalent sighting of it is one by Joey Steward, who later became simply 'Steward'. For the purposes of recounting this information, I shall presume what he says is 100% accurate (although it probably isn't).
There is no escape from the Archangel. I understand that now. To become its slave is the ultimate fate of all humans. The Archangel isn't just some monster. The Archangel is the afterlife, and it waits for us all.

Such audacity, to claim these things! And yet, Dan's notes make agree with it. Either the Supremacy is indeed the afterlife, or it is rather good at faking this. I'll now reference The Archive (although I think a large part of it is fabricated: I have seen no evidence of it before, so...). The majority of their points I have not seen (and thus, I believe to be coincidences), so I shall selectively quote the points I can confirm.
Uses the forms of the deceased to interact with the physical world... often will assault humans for the purpose of increasing its supply of possible forms. Has never been observed to audibly speak, but has been known to communicate via writing. All letters are written in lower-case...
Now, this is all information which can be verified both from Dan's notes and from Eccentrically Bored, which is a good source of information.

The primary issue with the Supremacy is that it's form is likely incorporeal; whether it is a being which simply imitates the dead or truly is the afterlife, I cannot say at this point. Nevertheless, this being is one that I only see reactionary, through it's influences; just as I can only see the Teacher through the Pupils, I see the Supremacy only through it's underlings -- perhaps I should call them Inferiors. Nevertheless, it may be wise to lump the Teacher and the Supremacy together, since there does not seem to be a great difference between them. But that may be unwise, so I shall keep them divided.

The purpose of this post was mostly as a clarification of my terms for the Aspects in prelude for a greater post on the Supremacy on the 'morrow. Speaking of which, I must explain my use. It's a little silly on my behalf: given the mix of 'physical' beings (such as the Shifters and the Whisperer) and incorporeal ones (the Teacher, the Supremacy) almost made me think that they could all simply be forms and off-shoots of a greater, divine being. It's a frightening thought.

I do not dream, incidentally, to know of all the Aspects. There may be many others that I have yet to encounter, and others I have no clue of. For example, take Memoria; it is certainly an Aspect, yet I know nothing about it. I only post here what I can at least vaguely think of as correct. If you wish to engage on wild goose chases with beings that are very likely fictional, go to The Archive, and tire me no more.

In future, I think it may be wise to sign off my posts; if I do not do this, alert me to it at once. It may be an open sign of memory-tampering... or posting under the influence of an Aspect.

By the way, I've found something interesting, if somewhat unrelated. In Japan, they have two words which I find interesting: tatemae (what you say you believe), and honne (what you actually believe). I was going to wait until my next post to mention them, but I will post them here so that I do not have to tomorrow. Do keep them in mind, as they are concepts I am familiar with in my head, although I was not aware that there were words to express them. How very interesting...
-Achromatic Morality-


  1. This is a very interesting post. And since you've revealed the names you've called them by, I'll tell you what we call them:

    Aspects - we call these Boojums (creatures you never wish to find or else you will vanish away)
    "Master"/Slender Man - the Jabberwock (the most horrific nightmare)
    The Shifters - we haven't encountered these yet, but from the sound manipulation, it looks to be the Jubjub (makes a most horrible sound)
    The Teacher - the Pool of Tears (most of the occurances we've heard about involve water for some reason)
    The Whisperer - the Bandersnatch (wild, feral animal)

    And finally

    The Supremacy - the Walrus (we chose this name to go along with the Carpenter, because it seemed they both manipulated and controlled people, though of course, you could argue that was the case for all Boojums)

    -- Carol Baker

  2. What interesting titles. I cannot claim to be too familiar with Caroll's work, given my current status.

    Diversified names are weakened names. A thousand titles with a clear meaning are better for us then one word with one meaning.