Everyone wishes they could change the past.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Report Log [013]


I'm still inside the hotel. As elaborated in [012], I am unsure as to whether all of the logs are going through; I'm submitting them all, although none of them appear on the homepage. I don't know how long the distance between each post is; my watch ticks, but the hands don't move. The world turns without me.

But, yes. I am outside the hotel now; as said, I do not recall when I arrived there. Yet, I do not think there is any location in the world quite like this one. Not one that I have seen, in any case -- it's a white corridor. As pointed out in [006] and [008], since the skyscrapers outside the window, there do not seem to be any windows in this place. It's all so artificial and lifeless; harsh, fluorescent lighting and featureless corridors. I have not seen a single lifeform since I arrived here.

In any case, my location. It's a white corridor -- like all of the others. However, after a few feet in, it branches off into two divergent paths. Down the left-hand passageway, the corridor begins to darken until it fades into blackness -- but in the distance, I can see a statue. Illuminated alone, it seems to be so far away, and yet so tantalisingly close. It is a statue of a headless knight; bearing a shield that glows like the summer sun, and a sword that drips with the blood of those it has slain. The knight's helmet lies on the floor before him, and he stands facing me, as if awaiting my coming. Yet on his breast, he bears a symbol, which I can see as clearly as the text on this screen. An eye, watching me.

The second path is as bright as the rest; there is no statue there. It simply goes on and on, seemingly without end. Is this supposed to be a metaphor? I do not care.

My laptop battery remains at 100%. I do not feel hunger. I do not feel thirst. I feel tired, but I can lie down on the ground and sleep. I shall walk down the endless path. I will report back shortly.

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