Everyone wishes they could change the past.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

oh god oh god oh god

I hear screaming from the other room. I don't care.

I saw it. Report Log [418]. I didn't put that online... and yet I did. I put it up in the city, and then... then I died?

... "I'm what you left behind."

No no noeefrenhrwe NO I'mrealI'mrealIamrealshutupshutupshutup I'm the only person who matters the only one who exists she doesn't exist just a fake vision vision fake how could I not be real I am real no matter what says anything. I don't care what Memoria has done to me I am real no matter what no I'm just some fake, some copy, some could-hav-ebneen why hyirkm sotp it sotp it stop it

... my window. I'm sitting by a window. A few moments ago, I could see the moon from my window. But I can't now. Fog has rolled in; the light from the television is growing... monochrome. Everything is becoming darker and duller and there is a shadow beyond my door.

It's him he's here why why why

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