Everyone wishes they could change the past.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

heights; do they tower

What's going on? Honestly, I haven't the foggiest.
Today is a strange day.

This morning, I had a letter enter through the door; on the entrance, the tell-tale crimson writing, originating from the USA (as I could see from the return address). I've left it on the table, and have yet to open it. I have another issue, though; the temperature has crept down again. Given what happened before, I think it's safe to assume the Strider is present nearby. I cannot hear him, but I do not think I'd be able to if he did not want to be heard.

And thus, I wait and watch. The letter is next to me. We must see where this goes. Let us see what childish taunt that bastard has for me now.
-Achromatic Morality-

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