Everyone wishes they could change the past.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Yet, we still reach out for it,

Why listen? I occasionally hear things worth hearing.
The person who e-mailed me says that she can't make it on the nineteenth, so we'll have to rearrange until twenty-third.

However, her e-mail also gave me an address, and some pointers. In a cubbyhole in a tree, I found an envelope. To summarise it's content, I may as well say that I am now lying in a (real) hotel room, typing this post. Meals have been prepaid for me at set intervals, so unless I indulge myself on other things, I don't need to pay for anything.

... this seems far too nice. What does she think I am, a charity case? Call me suspicious, but... okay, I'm suspicious. Problem?
-Achromatic Morality-