Everyone wishes they could change the past.

Monday, 11 July 2011

I, who have sought the future...

Why return? You didn't think that I could stay away, surely?

I lied, before. I didn't destroy this laptop.

Heh, maybe I was a bit cruel to the Compulsion before. That's the only explanation for why I didn't destroy the laptop. I wanted to keep my routes open, at least subconsciously.

But, on a personal level, I'm having trouble with my memory again. My mind... look, do me a favour. Find a tap, or a bottle of water. Put a hand underneath the opening, and open it/turn it on. Try to hold the water. Sure, you'll hold some, but the rest just runs to the floor below.

That's what my head feels like. I keep thinking that something is missing in my mind. Dripping onto the floor.

So, I'll post in here. If I think there's anything in my head that I need to use, I'll... put it here. I'll do my best. I have other reasons for returning, but... those have to stay private. That is prerogative.

So, yes. I'm back. Pleased to meet you.

Edit: Oh, I think I should mention. I'll be signing my posts off again, just in case I have times when I'm... emotionally unstable and thus don't. I forgot to do it earlier.

Also: I've found a place to stay. The family's gone to America for a few weeks. I'd like to go to America... not likely, though.
-Achromatic Morality-

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