Everyone wishes they could change the past.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Despite that knowledge

Why stand? Crawling isn't dignified.
The person who I've been talking about for the last post or two met me today; just as I met her. To put it bluntly, uh. I've moved in with her.

I'll clarify this some other time. What happened in our meeting is of little consequence, but I think I had a decent read of her character; and I am convinced I must be wrong. She is nice; very, very nice. We were walking down the street, and we saw a man -- homeless, presumably -- busking for money. Dirty, scruffy; he was holding an out-of-tune guitar that seemed in much the same state as he was. She stopped me, and listened for five minutes; she glanced at the watch she was wearing. At the exact moment where five minutes had elapsed, she placed five pound coins into the upturned hat (which, prior to this, had contained nothing) before the man. "Thank you for your time, sir," she said, gently pulling me onwards.

She offered me the possibility that I may wish to live with her; no fee, except that I work to achieve a "suitable quality of life". I readily accepted, of course; even if she is wearing a facade, I do not think that is an issue. Frankly, despite the money I have acquired (although, if my memories of Daniel are false... I don't want to think about it), I cannot sustain a life running any longer. This is a welcome, if likely short-term, break from that.

She requested that I not name her, in case people from either of her jobs find her... she says "Vanitas" will be fitting.

I can live with that. "Vanitas".
-Achromatic Morality-

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