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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Which runs through our minds

What happens at the story's end? It depends on the story.
My apologies for the delay in postings. I have taken my small amount of earthly possessions and moved them into Vanitas' flat. It's... spacious. She's drilled me in some basic rules; she knows what I'm going through, and thinks she knows the best way to go about fixing it.

She said it with such sincerity that I'm almost taken in by it. Writing it down now, it seems ridiculous that I might have, even for a second, taken in such a wild fantasy. This thing is unfixable. You cannot win this game, for you are not playing; you are played with, like a toy before a cruel child. Your body and your mind are simply tools to enhance your suffering; things to be twisted against you.

... I digress.

I shall not outline all of the rules, but I'll no doubt ending up explaining most of them. The primary one at the moment is that I spend as much time in the public eye as possible. When I'm with other people -- with groups -- I suffer the symptoms of His presence less. I am less likely to become uncontrollable, or have myself twisted; I'm less likely to see Him. The second is that (and this is primarily for Vanitas' safety, I think), I must allow myself to be locked into my room at night; there's a lock on my side as well, which I will lock every night. It never hurts to be safe. Vanitas habitually looks her door, too; she sleepwalks, apparently. There aren't any outside locks on her bedroom door.

She has come to an agreement with me as far as rent goes; she requires a very small amount, although I have given her a rather larger up-front payment. This is both out of a sense of thankfulness -- and I am thankfulness, do not let my pessimism that you think otherwise -- and also as payment for the... improper documentation she's assisting me in acquiring.

Oh, it's lights out and Wi-Fi off now, apparently. I'll talk more some other time.
-Achromatic Morality-

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