Everyone wishes they could change the past.

Friday, 13 May 2011

Which opens it's hand, revealing hope

Why know? To escape the darkness of ignorance.

Why did I make this blog? Truth be told, I do not know myself. Perhaps it is down to this "compulsion" talk I've heard about. But it is untrue, and for another day. If you wonder what it is, perhaps I should refer you to here; it would be better to call it a hypothesis, but as I said, for another day.

I think that a superior reason for this blog may simply be the concept of a record. I could write all of this down, but books can be... altered. Destroyed. The Internet, however, can preserve my words and entomb them, should someone wish to do so. So, I write all that comes to mind.

The future is still unclear for me. I cannot stay here tomorrow; the family, it seems, returns then. So, I shall embark on my way in the darkness of tonight and leave, never to return. Perhaps to "celebrate" this, I took the liberty of using their shower; it is a risk, yes, but I do so very rarely. Hygiene is important, and while moving, one cannot do everything regularly; my hair, for example, had not been washed for a number of weeks. How good it feels to be cleansed of what happens to one as they wander.

That is of little matter, though. As for the records of my journey that led me here... they, themselves, are of no matter. The majority are of no matter to the future - but I shall have at least one more tale to tell, lest that story reach it's conclusion before I do so.

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