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Friday, 30 September 2011

it, and save the soul?

What can you do, really? It does not matter; you must try, if nothing else.
It looks like I'll be posting here a lot more once more; V is leaving for her "second job" once more. I know not what her target is, but it remains that she will do it. No doubt doing whatever she wishes, so that she may try and appease the Strider.

I don't understand the specifics of the relationship, but it appears to be different from how people seem to think of proxies: no direct orders betwixt the two. She reserves leads from her (human) superiors (who I know little of; I know that the people who live on this floor of her flat block are her equals, as much as that means anything), and she looks into the leads for them. The general gist is to spread the Strider's influence, through one method or another.

But she thinks that the superiors are only doing what they think will appease the Strider; certainly, not many of them are harmed. But neither are many of the "Runners"; he could eliminate them at any moment, but they persist until a suitably dramatic moment. Perhaps the Strider has a flair for drama.

This is what I've gathered thus far. It's interesting, if nothing else.
-Achromatic Morality-

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